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1st-Jan-2015 12:00 am - Disclaimers are a Must
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Semi Friends-locked DreamWidth journal here that I moved from Lj. Pardon the lousy formatting.
I'm squeamish about not knowing who's reading what, thus the semi-lock.
Writings and RPs are left unlocked, while personal(non-fiction) posts are all(mostly) locked.

People who are oh-so-curious to know what exactly I write in my F-locked posts may also choose to create an Lj/DW account and comment here to be added. Please state who you are (as in I know you as...?) and why I should add you as a friend. Oh, but please bear in mind that I hold the right to reject your request, and I am not obliged to give you a reason.

Alternatively, you may sneakily ask a friend who is on my F-list to tell/show/screenshot you what I have posted.
But alas, I am not one to flame, so you won't find any incriminating evidence against moi.

I'm smarter than that ^^

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