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The power(lessness) of a like (Part 1) 
9th-Mar-2012 01:32 pm

Alternatively Titled:
Why I hate these darn viral videos/posts which aim to mobilize the 'public'

This post is regarding a certain [KONY 2012] initiative that has somehow taken over the internet (to some degree)

The movement is such an affront to my personal aesthetics that I’ve no idea where to start really. But I guess I should begin from the video, since it’s the most virulent spam being passed around right now (apart from those “KONY 2012” comments on practically everywhere).

The video begins with about 4 minutes of narration that has little to do with the matter at hand (Mr. Joseph Kony). Right away from the start I hit by wave after wave of [emotional fallacies in-progress] – there’s a part about how the world is more connect blah blah blah and the director is a father blah blah – really now, get to the point =_=

Then we get an introduction to a [Jacob], who is amazingly eloquent given his situation. Fine by me, I understand the masses are more easily mobilized when they have a specific face and name to attach their pity and condolences to. The part that irks me begins at 06:27. Jacob says “It is better when you kill us”. Shocking statement surely, but not impossible to understand. Perhaps it was for theatrical effect that the interview asked “you don’t want to stay on earth?”. But there is no need the interview to cut thrice in with his/her largely invariant questions. It gives a feeling that this particular segment of the clip was very much ‘directed’.  I’m not accusing Jacob of faking his sobs or his words, just saying that the interviewer was clearly trying to influence the conversation a certain way to get a certain result.

And then the Director and his kid. Oh my non-existent goodness. WHAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE WHOLE SEGMENT HUH? I know you’re trying to appeal to our emotional side, but you could not have possibly done it in a manner crasser than this. I feel sorry for your kid.

The actual information finally gets communicated to the viewers at 10:30 therebouts. Everything in front? Mostly superfluous preamble if you think about it. So for those who aren’t into bleeding-heart sob stories, please fastforward to 10:30. Yes I’m heartless. But bear in mind that children are starving to death in the less developed countries of Africa too. Or that child trafficking/prnography occurs pretty much everywhere.  And there’s always North Korea. And for those who love to hate on China, China. Shit happens everywhere. Sob stories abound. What I want to know is not your life kids dream morals – I want to know what’s happening (in an objective way), what the causes are, and what the proposed solutions are.

Side notes:

Interestingly, I noticed that #2 on their list at 12+mins was also in Uganda. So… Maybe something ought to be done about the government first? Because if you remove Joseph Kony, all you’re doing is create a power vacuum that others are more than willing to move into.The "...stop him  and then solve other problems" mentality... who're you trying to kid? Tsk.

To be continued with a critique of the average netizen’s overestimation of their like's worth.
PS. I wrote this much based purely on the first 13minutes of the video + the pure virulence (and not much else) of KONY 2012. And I wrote this pretty quickly, so forgive any fallacies/errors of my own. Do feel free to point them out to me though ^^
PPS. omg horror he returns to his kid at 13:04. Spare meee.

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