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17th-Sep-2007 04:43 pm - A super short one-short
I very sad... nobody comments on my last fic ('cept for nic. so smsed me)
Never mind, will plough on; even though I know I'm polluting you friends page with my nonsense.... >.<


Kain opened his eyes groggily to stare at—an unadorned, boring, grey ceiling. He turned to check his bedside clock, it was a non-working day and he had woken up at 7am. Kain imagined himself to be suffering from insomnia, until, glancing at the calendar, he remembered that today was an important day; he was going to see his twin brother, whom he had not seen in a year.

                Kain missed his twin. Keslian was a loud person, and warmed up to everyone quickly. Kain was his polar opposite; he had always been to his classmates when they were studying. Kain missed his twin so very much; the house seemed so empty without his laughter.

                It had been four years since Keslian left to a faraway place. Though he assured him many a times, using that half-joking tone of his, that twins could never truly be apart, Kain still felt his twin was out of reach. Not that Kain tried to contact him; he did not want to disturb his twin. This made this day all the more important, so Kain was even more meticulous in his appearance today; it would not do to let his twin see a disheveled Kain.

                Kain stared unto the mirrior, it was so much like looking at Keslian, yet at the same time, completely different, Keslian’s normally wild hair was neatly contained in a ponytail, shades covering his green eyes. Kain straightened his tie and put on his coat.

                When all was in order, Kain strode out of the house, steps brisk and firm, to saddle his horse. It was a frisky chestnut mare, but strangely enough, the mare, perhaps sensing its owner’s mood, was exceptionally docile today.

                Kain was lost in his thoughts, mid awhirl with things to tell his twin. He was sure he’d made an aloof figure sitting astride on his horse, which was the impression he often made on people. Excluding Keslian, no one understood him.

                As he near their meeting place, there were fewer people, the area a picture of tranquility, rustling leaves imitating the gentle crash of waves on an empty beach, the dappled sunlight mild and soothing.

                But at the actual meeting place, it was a lot more crowded, there were people everywhere; Kain tuned out the disturbances and searched for Keslian.

                Then Kain caught sight of him, and broke into a smile, his pace quickened. Standing in front of his twin, Kain murmured a short greeting before bending down and kissing him, his fingers caressing Keslian’s face, the marble cool beneath his fingers.


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