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29th-Aug-2010 10:28 am

lol. A small non-emo piece. ^_^
Written while listening to NTU Hall4's lipdub. (Auqa - Cartoon Heroes)
I really <3 bridge  So play bridge must jio =D
LF uni bridge kakis. Hopefully staying in Hall (4) then can play until damn late LOL

False impressions and outright lies.

Sly glances hidden behind a suspicious smile.

Dare I trust him?

I throw out another feint,

Feigning knowledge, buying time.

Amused laughter from her,

Silence of others in deep thought.

The atmosphere is so tense.

Yet light-hearted at the same time.

Have I made the right decision?

Is he deliberately letting me win?

Where is my Ace of Spades?





9th-Jun-2008 07:14 pm - ._.
This was…his last day; his last day of existence.

He stood in front of his tombstone, admiring it. Words etched elegantly into grey marble, the flowing script reading simply as

 Leo Natale

The acts of this life are the destiny of the next.
He will be missed

It was snowing, his still-growing frame burdened by the falling flakes. All was quiet, and dark. The moon was obscured by still clouds. Beneath them were the upheld branches of aged deciduous trees, bare, with nary a hint of foliage to be seen. Snow overlapped whatever remained of the fallen that had laid there untouched since the end of autumn.

Leo was dressed simply, despite the chill. He shifted, rubbing his eyes tiredly, resisting the urge to look at his watch.

There was never a night that had no dawn. These words, coming from the mouth of a respected senior, were of no comfort to him.

The snow was melting faster now; barely even touching his skin before dripping down to the ground. The ground, it too was becoming softer, and yet, it remained as treacherous as ever, threatening to send the unwary crashing into the watery ground.

He heard a faint, almost soundless slosh, one that didn’t come from beneath his feet. Leo paused, collecting himself and his scattering emotions. Then he turned, just as the snow burst into rain.

“It’s time to go, eh?”


Author's note/rant/ramble/whatever:

A prolouge to an undecided story of mine. ._. I think I'll post bits and pieces here, then try to organise it on my blogspot acc. No, I'm not telling you my user for blogspot; I'm using it only as a storeroom for my unorganised stuff. ._.

7th-Apr-2008 08:25 pm - a mild afternoon...
Inspiration from (

A calm wind; a still breeze.
Shadows falling over white petals.
Clear water reflecting a translucent sky.
A flower dances around, supported by the liquid.

An unmoving afternoon.
A sleepy afternoon.
An afternoon of languidness

Sunlight streams in softly;
it doesn't disturb the scene.
It's entrance stealthy, it's caress gentle.
It's existence is taken for granted, as much a part of the scene as the petal, the wind, the water.

I'm becoming more and more random nowadays... >.>
4th-Apr-2008 09:42 pm - random post...

(original link:
Fiction written below has nothing to do with the picture; picture was only the source of inspiration. I
own no rights to the picture.
please do not direct link for your own use.)

She doesn't want to return home.
But she does, anyway.
Her every step dragged, her breaths each a sigh.
The road home is dark.

Her home is darker.
Nothing awaits her at the end of the road.
No greetings, no warmth.
No touch of any sort, no speech.

She'd be happy to go somewhere else.
Every morning, when she steps out of her home;
Her steps are light, a faint smile lighting up her face.
The world is bright.

But she brings along with her darkness.
Her every step brings disease, every breath suffering.
Wherever her gaze turns upon, withers and wilts.
So she is forced to leave the world.

She is Death, She is Pain.
She is humanity at it's worst, the end of life.
Not welcomed anywhere, she can only go home.
But does Mortality have a home?
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